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What’s stop-smoking support?

Many people find it hard to stop smoking without help. If you feel you need extra motivation, come for a consultation. During the first meeting we discuss your smoking profile. Then we have a look at the tools you can use such as medication or behavioral adjustments and we decide on a stop date. In the subsequent consultations I provide you with techniques to manage your addiction and discuss any difficulties you find on your way to a life without smoking.

I provide five consultations. The first interview is an intake and takes an hour. The second consultation is planned around the agreed stop date and lasts for three quarters of an hour. The third interview takes place one to two weeks after the smoking stop, the fourth conversation three to four weeks after the smoking stop and the last meeting takes place eight weeks after the stop and takes half an hour.

With youngsters I use the SmartStop system. This is an app that supports the smoke stop consultations. If you wish, you can come with a friend who also wants to quit smoking.

Smoking Stop Guidance - Prices

Consultations are reimbursed. This system is different in Flanders and in Brussels.

  • Do you live in Brussels or Wallonia?
  • Type of consultation What you pay Refunded
    1st consultation (1 hour) € 60 € 30
    2nd to 8th consultation (min 30 min)
    max 8 consultations in 2 years.
    € 50 € 20
    Pregnant women: 1st to 8th consultation, max 8 consultations each pregnancy € 50 € 30
  • Do you live in Flanders?
  • Since 1 January 2017 tobacco specialists are refunded directly by the Flemish Government. You still pay a personal contribution. This new regulation only applies to residents of Flanders.

    Terms of the new system:
    • You are entitled to 4 hours of individual supervision or 12 hours of guidance in group.
    • If you have used the annual number of hours, you will no longer be entitled to a financial contribution from the Flemish Government for that year. You can still get more guidance, but at a higher rate.
    • You must consult a tobacco specialist who is registered as a tobacco specialist. I am registered here.
    Type of consultation No increased compensation Increased compensation + youngsters up to the age of 20
    1st consultation (1 hour )Refunded
    1st consultation (1 hour) € 30 € 4
    2nd up to 5th consultation (45 min and 30 min) € 22,5/45 min and €15/30 min € 3/45 min and € 2/30 minutes

    Some health insurances offer a small financial compensation if you want to stop smoking. You can use this contribution for buying nicotine substitutes, for example. Ask your health insurance company.

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