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What is psychotherapy

Psychotherapy is a treatment to reduce psychological suffering and improve the mental well-being. A psychotherapist tries to understand the psychological suffering on different levels: the inner life of the client as well as the broader network of relationships in which the client finds himself.

This exploration of the psychological suffering can take on different forms: individual therapy, couple therapy, parental support, family therapy and/or group therapy. The methods and framework used, differ from one therapist to another, according to the educational background of the therapist.

A psychotherapist is bounded by lay to professional secrecy. All information will be treated confidentially and respectfully. You can find more information about the deontological code of psychologists on the website off the Belgian Federation of Psychologists.

What do we expect from a therapist?

  • A qualitative training and education in psychotherapy
  • To act according to and respect the ethical code
  • Membership of the professional union
  • Attending to multidisciplinary team meetings, supervised by a psychiatrist
  • A respectful attitude towards the client and the difficulties he/she encounters

What do we expect from our clients?

  • Openness for joint reflection
  • Willingness to question him-or herself
  • To respect the appointments
  • Please cancel 48 hours beforehand when you can’t make it to an appointment. When a cancelation is tardive, the consultation will be charged.

Psychotherapy - Prices

One session costs 60 euros and lasts about 50 minutes.
The asking price will be indexed. From May 2021, the asking price will be EUR 63.
Reimbursement by social security for children and adolescents:

member Psychotherapists:


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