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Therapeutic Centre Pentagon
Agora Gallery - 4th floor
Grassmarket 105 - mailbox 17
Grasmarkt 105 - bus 17
1000 Brussels
tel: 0485 88 93 56
mail: therapeutischcentrumvijfhoek@gmail.com


Bus stop:Bourse/Beurs
Metro: Line 1 and 5 - stop "Central Station"
Train: Central Station

Directions in Agora building

Enter the ‘Agora Gallery’ and follow the signs on the ceiling ‘Kantoren/Bureaux’ until you reach an entrance hall with mailboxes and two elevators. Take the elevator to the fourth floor. When you exit the elevator, take left. Walk down the corridor until you reach the last office at the end of the corridor. Ring the doorbell, you have reached ‘Therapeutic Centre Pentagon’.

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Therapeutisch Centrum Vijfhoek
Agoragalerij 4e verdieping 
Grasmarkt 105 bus 17
1000 Brussel

t:. 0485 88 93 56